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9 Easy Steps For Winning Wukong At SCR888 Slot Games Casino

Wukong is one of the most popular of the many SCR888 slot games. Winning money is the point of playing any of the SCR888 slot games. These tips will help you learn how to win. One of the most important reasons to play Wukong is that it has a 96 percent payout.

Wukong is popular because it is fast, has a lot of things going on at the same time, is a challenge, and is humorous.

1) Use Free Play

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You can get familiar with the game by using free play. You risk no money of your own. The casino gives you money to play for free and this is your opportunity to learn how to play Wukong and win.

2) Pick the right device

The Wukong slot can be played on any device. The game can be downloaded to a PC, phone, or portable. The idea is to use the device that you are most familiar with and most comfortable with.

Manual dexterity and speed are an element of the Wukong experience. So, using a device that you are fast with gives you an advantage when timing is essential for winning more money.

3) Study the layout

Do not just jump in and start hammering away. You get a feel for what the different characters pay and an idea of the repetitive nature of the odds as well as the timing for bonuses if you take the time to look before you leap.

4) Set auto

Setting auto spin to a predefined number of spins keeps the game moving along faster. Set the autoplay function to the number of spins that your bank can handle. Setting autoplay keeps you from having to stay aware of the autoplay button that appears randomly. Remember that autoplay stops if you win free spins.

5) Sound

Use the sound according to your preferences. The sound helps some people play better and distracts some people. Click the button to turn off the sound if it keeps you from playing your best.

6) Use the info table

The info table shows you the pattern of each symbol and the number of times each symbol comes up. This is very important information. You need to let the pattern determine the symbols that you bet on.

7) Go Turbo

Clicking the turbo icon speeds up the rate of spins and stops. Faster play means more opportunities to win. You should not use turbo until you are familiar with the rest of the controls.

8) Bets

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Bet low amounts until you are familiar with the slot. You can win a small fortune betting an insignificant amount of money if you use all of the functions and advantages the slot offers. Bet your winnings only. Bet larger amounts from your winnings based on what the history tells you will be a winning combination.

9) Play often

The way to win SCR888 Slot Games is to play a lot. The odds that you can lose are only four out of 100.

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