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SCR888 & ACE333- Which the Hottest Apps in Malaysia?

Nowadays, technology getting more and more advance. People no need drive for few hours and go to a place for betting. And now they can betting through online or apps. Its bring more and more convenient for people. Now, we are talking about apps for Malaysian betting. There are few apps which Malaysian can choose to betting but how many apps can be trusted. This are the main reason why we writing this article. And we are going to compare which are the best apps choice for Malaysian.

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We are going to take SCR888 and ACE333 to compare which are the hottest apps in Malaysia. We highly recommend Malaysian choose ACE333, below are the reason why we said this:

ACE333- The Newest Betting Apps and Better server

When you want to open an apps and start to betting while enjoy your off day or holiday in room. For sure, people want to choose an stable betting apps and play it. That is why we recommend ACE333 for you to enjoy it. Why we said it, because we have received quite a lot complaint about SCR888 of the server problem.

Lets think of it, when you enjoy playing a slots game. Suddenly pop out a error stated server problem and force you to quit the game. How will you feel?

ACE333 the newest betting apps in Malaysia, having the best service compare to others. Even though there are not much Malaysian knew ACE 333, but its been launched in Malaysia been awhile. And it didn’t get any complaint about server problem. So its safe and Malaysian can enjoy while playing, it wont happen anything about server problem.

ACE333- more games to choose

ACE333 and SCR888 both have more than 100 slots game in the apps. There are few games that are popular in Malaysia according to the report, such as Highway King, Great Blue, Dolphin Reef, Wukong, Fish hunter and etc.

Recently, there is a new game had been lauching in ACE 333, and its only available in ACE333 which is called FOOTBALL BOY. The way to play FOOTBALL BOY, its similar with Wukong. FOOTBALL BOY is a game which slightly different any other slots game, because its multiplayer and can be click more choices and select the maximum bet. Which mean customer can multi bet before reach the timing.

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There are few photo about the hottest game in ACE 333:
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ace333 online casino

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